Who we are Encina Gardens

¿Who we are Encina Gardens?

From the passion for nature, Encina Gardens is born

Encina Gardens is born from our passion for nature, we believe that it is the best medicine for the body and mind, as well as our concern for caring for the environment and the footprint and impact that our actions leave on our natural environment.

We are firm believers that every action has an impact and therefore we must be careful with each of our steps.


Quienes somos Encina Gardens

We always respect the environment

We believe that the design of each space must be thought through and planned according to the needs of each person and their personality, the climate of the area, the state of the surfaces, respecting the native plant and animal species.

It is essential to integrate the space in its environment, improving the space as a whole and collaborating for its repercussion in the entire nearby habitat. We treat all species with the most natural treatments possible, without unnecessary pesticides or fertilizers.

We use professional electric tools with batteries and avoiding the use of polluting machinery. Our work is always efficient, conscious and silent.

We are also aware of the increasingly worrying scarcity of natural resources such as water, which is why we seek maximum efficiency in our garden designs. Together with the wishes of the client, we always try to contribute our vision of ecological gardening with plants adapted to this increasingly desert climate and with our minds set on making responsible use of water. Without forgetting that the garden should be a meeting and enjoyment point for everyone.


We work with the utmost respect for our clients

We are aware of being in an environment for their enjoyment whether it is in communities of owners, green spaces in office buildings, public spaces or private gardens.

We have a culture of respect, effort, transparency and maximum efficiency. We maintain fluid communication with clients before starting the work, while we are doing it, at the end and once the weeks have passed, we always like to make visits to check the status of our work. We do not forget the importance of a job carried out in an impeccable way, not disturbing the day to day of our clients and always leaving a better space than we have fou.


Quienes somos Encina GardensJardinería ecológica Quienes somos Encina Gardens

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