The data that reveals that we need ecological and responsible gardening

The data that reveals that we need ecological and responsible gardening

Advocates of ecological and responsible gardening

At Encina Gardens we are aware of the reasons that lead us to work practicing ecological and responsible gradenind. In this post we want to offer you some objective data that can help us open out eyes and gradually carry out actions that help us contribute our effots to improve what is in power.

Drought and rising temperatures…somthing already common and very damaging

We are particularly concerned about the data on drought and increased temperatures in our country, it is a fact that water is a scarcer resource and that temperatures are increasingly extreme, going from intense heat during most of the year to cold every more noticeable for a few weeks. We leave aside events such as the great snowfall of the previous year or increasingly frequent meteorological phenomena.

This is why at Encina Gardens we get involved in your garden from the beginning to the end and in every detail. We design and plan each long-term action, studying their impact and accompanying your vision of the space and your objective in it.


Spain tends to become a semi-desert and arid region…

We reflect the trend towards semi-desert and arid climates and the scarcity of water, some data offered by the AEMET (State Meteorological Agency):

The arid climate is characterized by the scarcity of water for plants, since evaporation is greater than precipitation.

  • The temperatures recorded this year are being exceptional. Comparing the data from January to September,  2022 is the warmest since the historical series began, in 1961, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).
  • The average annual temperature in these nine months exceeds, with 16.2 ºC, the 16.1º registered in 2020 and which placed this year in first place so far.
  • The dry climate is expanding at a rate of about 1,500 km2 per year.
  • The hydrological year, which began on October 1, 2021 and ended on September 30, ended as the second driest in Spain since records began 60 years ago.
  • Some European countries, such as the Government of Portugal, for example, have agreed that the water resources of 15 reservoirs will not be used until the water recovers part of the level lost in recent months, to avoid a situation of greater emergency that could affect , for example, to hydroelectric plants.


Encina Gardens jardinería ecológica


At Encina Gardens we are guardians of nature

For reasons such as those stated here, Encina Gardens us unvolved in each garden from the beginning to the end. We design and plan each long-term action, studying their impact. looking  for the most appropriate way to carry out ecological and responsible gardening.

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