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Refurbishing of gardens, patios, and terraces

Refurtbishing and rehabilitations of gardens and terraces

At Encina Gardens we are specialists in refurbishment of all outdoor areas: Gardens, patios, terraces and swimming pools.


Small or large, attic or terrace, garden or pool, we can rejuvenate the space and give a tired outdoor area a new purpose.


If you dream of building the outdoor space you have always longed for, click and we will contact you in a few minutes.


If you have dreamed it but thought (as we all do…):


  • It’s too difficult.
  • I’m not sure what I want,
  • I’m sure it’s very expensive
  • It will take months to complete
  • it’ll be messy
  • Everything will be dirty during the work….

Our commitment when renovating your garden, outdoor patio, or terrace

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Contact us for more information on refurbishing gardens, terraces, and outdoor patios.

Reforms of gardens, terraces and outdoor patios

We work on your Project from the designo f the comprehensve reformo f your garden, planning the entire space or adapting to what you need in a specific work or garden reform.

Refurtbishing of gardens with swimming pools

We assemble the installation of pool fences, demolition of walls, installation of new walls and fences, assembly and disassembly of masonry or metal stairs, metal structures, bases for large tres, creation of orchards in large masonry planters or smaller adapted to your needs.

Specialists in leaks and waterproofing in patios, terraces and gardens

We are specialists in leaks and waterproofing of planters or outdoor structures. We are committed to ending the annoying leaks from the planters to the neighbors on the lower floors. Enjoy your terrace and your planters without the dreaded leaks and their terible consequences. We give you permanente solutions.

Encina Gardens especialistas en filtraciones e impermeabilizaciones

Commitment, professionalism and seriousness

We offer you in 24 hours a visit from our specialized staff, a personalized Budget and an action plan according to your needs with payment facilities. Our guarantee offers you the peace of mind of knowing that we Will come as many times as you need to be able to leave the result you want.


Any reform or rehabilitation that you want to undertake in your garden, patio or terrace, in les tan 24 hours you can have it visualized and valued.

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