How we work

Our goal is to minimize the use of both water, electricity and the fossil fuels used to maintain gardens.

Eco-efficient irrigation systems

We include drip irrigation systems and water sensors that stop irrigation when it rains. We can deliver water useage reports to the client’s smartphone.

More sustainable spaces

We look for alternatives to reduce lawn space thereby reducing watering needs and minimising maintenance.

More economical

Implementing solutions to minimise maintenance and therefore reduce  costs.


Integrating your garden within the local environment.

Ecological gardening

We strive for ecological gardening, only using fertilizers or synthetic pesticides where absolutely necessary.

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Less noise


Lo que nos diferencia

What sets us apart

Quality, innovation, and integrity.


We are leaders in the gardening sector,  all our solutions are tailored to our clients, our community and  the environment.


We strive for a balance between needs and the environment.

“We offer high quality services, focused on excellence and protection of the environment.”

The ecological gardening service we offer:

Jardinería ecológica
Jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica
Jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica
jardinería ecológica

Coming soon...

We can also offer you a wide range of products for the maintenance of your garden. We will soon publish these on our website.


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