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Iluminación con energía renovable Encina Gardens

Design and installation of solar lighting systems to optimise your exterior spaces.

Utilizamos agua de lluvia. Jardinería sostenible

Designing and construction of systems to recycle rainwater and optimisation of growing environments to minimise water-loss due to evaporation.

jardinería sostenible

Creation and supply of natural compost to bring life back to your green space without impacting on animals, playing children or the environment.

jardinería sostenible: herramientas sin polución

We use electric, silent and efficient tools.

Utilizamos agua de lluvia. Jardinería sostenible

We use plants adapted to the environment, often indigenous to the region, these require less water and are much hardier.

Our cascading watering systems ensure that water-use is kept low whilst still building relaxing and verdant green spaces.

jardinería sostenible

We use natural fertilizers.

We use plants that are resistant to pests thereby minimising the need for non-natural pest control products

Bebederos y nidos

Design, fabrication and installation of customised birdfeeders and bird baths that turn your green space into a functional ecosystem that works in harmony with plants, insects and animals

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Creating sustainable gardens

Jardinería sostenible Encina Gardens

We always seek non-invasive solutions to work in harmony with the environment.


We pay special attention to deliver the exact wishes of our clients and ensuring that clients are constantly informed and updates as to the progress of their green space project.


Our cradle to grave approach ensures that every part of the plan is dealt with in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, from the selection of suppliers through to the ecological disposal of waste

We design, maintain and restore gardens and green spaces

Why choose us?

Specialised knowledge

We are knowledgeable in ecological and sustainable gardening that works in harmony with nature.

empresa de jardinería sostenible
Quieter maintenance

We use all-electric battery powered tools which are quieter, pollution free and minimise both noise pollution and environmental pollution.

empresa de jardinería sostenible
Sustainable service

We create green spaces that are low maintenance, hardy and sustainable, reducing dependency on mains water as much as possible.

empresa de jardinería sostenible
Natures guardians

We preserve, repair and sustain the environment in an ecologically friendly manner, creating green spaces that extend nature into your garden.


Gardening services and maintenance in Tres Cantos and the north of Madrid

Let us help you to create a sustainable green space

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